1(a) - By commissioning my services, you are agreeing to every term in these Terms of Service.
1(b) - I reserve the right to publicly and/or privately showcase your order and/or the project at any time before,               during or after production, unless you have specifically requested otherwise in writing. Where you make                 such a request after I have showcased the project, I will take all reasonable steps to                                                   remove/reverse/suspend such showcase, but you agree that I will not be liable for any failure to do so                     (or for any project material remaining accessible), whether such failure (or accessibility) is caused by my                 own action or inaction or otherwise.
1(c) - You agree that, until I have provided you with the agreed finished project, you will not publicly or privately               share or make available to anyone without my prior written consent the project, in whole or in part, or any               clips or images from the project.

2(a) - Booking
2(a)(i) - Deposits to book projects are non-refundable.
2(a)(ii) - By booking my services, you are committing to the completion of the project.
2(a)(iii) - If you do not take the necessary steps to get production started within 3 months of                          your assigned production date, I reserve the right (at my sole discretion) to cancel                         your order and to retain any payments received for the project.
2(a)(iv) - Deposits for projects that are cancelled in accordance with paragraph 2(a)(iii) are non-                    refundable.

2(b) - Pricing
2(b)(i) - All pricing is in USD.
2(b)(ii) - There is no set price for each project, and the project's price is subject to increase                             depending on the requirements of the project.
2(b)(iii) - Where a project's price increases based on the requirements of the project (as per                             paragraph 2(b)(ii)), the balance of the new price (including any increase in any applicable                 Rush Order Fee, as per paragraph 5(a), subject to paragraph 5(b)) must be received                           before any further work will be undertaken on the project.
2(c)Invoicing and payment methods
2(c)(i) - An invoice will be sent out via email upon agreement of the project's price                     (which is subject to change, as noted above).
2(c)(ii) - All Invoices will be sent, and all payments are to be completed, via PayPal                      invoicing.
2(c)(iii) - You may pay via PayPal balance, Debit or Credit.

2(d) - Upfront payment
2(d)(i) - Payment for a project (or the balance remaining after any deposit that is                         received) (Project Payment) is required in full upfront.
2(d)(ii) - Production will only begin once full payment and all required files are                              received.
2(d)(iii) - If the Project Payment is not received within 48 hours after the Invoice is                       sent, a reminder email will be sent.
2(d)(iv) - If the Project Payment is not received within 72 hours after the Invoice is                       sent, I reserve the right (at my sole discretion) to cancel your order and                    to retain any payments received for the project.

3(a) - You must be prompt with communication, as failure to reply in a timely manner will affect your                        turnaround time. If you fail to provide any requested information or material within 2 monthsI reserve               the right (at my sole discretion) to cancel the project and to retain any payments received for                     the project.
3(b) - You agree that I will provide updates regarding your order and/or the project at my sole discretion and              that you will not contact me more than 2 times per week to request an update.


4(a) - Subject to paragraph 2(d)(ii), if a project is booked in advance, production will begin on the agreed                    commencement date or, if no commencement date is agreed, at my convenience.
4(b) - Subject to paragraph 4(c), projects do not have a deadline unless a deadline is agreed before the                      Project Payment is received. As such, if a specific deadline is required, you must make this clear                        before the Project Payment is received.
4(c) - The project's deadline is subject to change depending on the requirements of the project.

5(a) - You may pay an additional fee of 25% of your total project price (Rush Order Fee) to receive priority             (Rush Order) at any time before or during production.
5(b) - Rush Orders must be requested, and the Rush Order Fee received, at least two weeks prior to                     the desired completion date.

6(a) - You agree that my availability is subject to change at my sole discretion and, otherwise, is as follows:
6(a)(i) - Mon-Fri: Available
6(a)(ii) - Sat-Sun: Unavailable
6(a)(iii) -Public Holidays in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and/or the USA: Unavailable

6(b) - You will not expect to receive any correspondence regarding your order / the project during periods of              unavailability, whether listed in paragraph 6(a)(ii) or paragraph 6(a)(iii) or otherwise notified to you.
6(c) - My times of availability are in Australian Eastern Standard Time / Australian Eastern Daylight Time (as              applicable).

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